Founded in 1953, B+S takes pride in having more than 65 years of experience which is significantly rooted in Swiss French construction heritage. In fact, our office benefits from the important work developed by its founders, Edouard Bourquin and Georges Stencek, whose numerous large-scale works still to this day cannot be overlooked and act as references in the construction sector.

B+S is, among other things, one of the precast concept pioneers, that we have contributed to develop, in particular together with the architects Jean-Marc Lamunière and Georges van Bogaer. We have also taken part, in collaboration with the Heritage and Sites Office and the Cantonal Service of Archaeology, in the refurbishment of several historical buildings, such as Saint-Pierre Cathedral and Saint-Gervais Temple in Geneva and Prangins Castle next to Nyon (Canton of Vaud), and worked on several state schools, universities, bridges, road networks, residential, industrial and administrative buildings.