Montbrillant Head Post Office


Direction générale des PTT
J.-M. Ellenberger et Suter + Suter SA
1978 - 1980

At the end of the 1960s the former Post Office could no longer meet the increase in postal traffic in the tip of the lake area (Canton of Geneva and District of Nyon). This led to the first studies for the construction of a new operational postal building. In 1977, after a building permit was issued, the PTT Board of Directors granted a global loan of 156 million francs for the construction of a new administrative building.

As mail is mainly transported by rail, the new building meets the crucial criteria of being in the immediate vicinity of a train station. This proximity was ideally exploited throughout the entire project during which 150,000 m3 of land were removed by rail (compared to 50,000 by road), thus making it possible to respond to environmental and road-network congestion concerns.

This new building has 4 floors above ground floor and 2 basements. It is subdivided into three main sectors: operating building, postal station and administrative building. Its total gross floor area amounts to 130,000 m2 for a volume of 710,000 m3. The structure of the building is reinforced concrete and its roof is surrounded by a metal shaped box. One of the construction peculiarities of this building is the use of 17,000 precast caissons for the realisation of a floor with orthogonal ribs.