Saint-Pierre Cathedral

Stabilisation, consolidation and restoration

Conseil de Fondation des Clefs de Saint-Pierre
Jean-Pierre Dom, Ernest Martin et Antoine Galeras
1973 - 2002

Saint-Pierre Cathedral was built between around 1150 et 1230. Over time various problems affected this building, the most important of which led to the replacement, in the 18thcentury, of the ancient facade with a monumental neo-classic style porch.

In the 1970s an inspection of the stability conditions was carried out in order to mitigate against the ground movements that occurred over the last centuries and in preparation for the future restoration works. Our office was then put in charge of the fortification studies of the Cathedral as well as the slabs covering the archaeological site. Thus, the immense restoration programme has included among other things the implementation of 400 prestressed mini piles in order to ensure the longevity of this building.