Prangins Castle – Swiss National Museum

Transformation and redevelopment

Office Fédéral des constructions civiles et de la logistique
Antoine Galeras, Isis Payeras
Prangins (VD)
1993 - 1997

The Prangins Castle was built between 1732 and 1739. The estate of about 5 hectares is classified as a historical monument since 1956. In 1974, it was acquired by the cantons of Vaud and Geneva in order to make a donation to the Confederation who was then able to establish the Swiss-French seat of the Swiss National Museum in the castle.

In the 1990s, the castle finally underwent a large-scale restoration and transformation to develop the museum in this historic residence. This project had a dual challenge: on the one hand, to preserve the qualities and the spatial and constructive characteristics of the historic buildings and, on the other hand, to create new spaces fulfilling the requirements of a modern museum.