CIFSP - Interprofessional Centre of Employers Federation (currently FER)


Caisse interprofessionnelle des assurances vieillesse et syndicats patronaux
Jean-Pierre Dom, François Maurice
1964 - 1966

This building was built on the edge of Saint-Jean park on a triangular-shaped plot with an important difference in height of a maximum of 10 metres. This significant difference in height meant opting for the construction of a base on which the building rests. The T-shaped building rests only on pillars which are placed on the outer limits of the building, thus freeing up entirely the ground floor space. The lifts as well as the stairwells form a stiffener central core.

The architectural and structural design is governed by a reference grid of 1.65 metres, determining the largest possible number of standardised elements. The facades, set back and fixed between the slabs, are made of aluminium with bronze-coloured sunproof glazings which give the building a colour unity.