Marais State School


République et canton de Genève
Claude Grosgurin, Edmond Guex, Gerdhard Kirchhoff
1966 - 1967

The 60s, in the middle of the baby boom period, witnessed the construction of a dozen state school buildings in the Canton of Geneva. In order to meet this challenge, that is to say build quickly and at the best price, our office was thereby able to convince the Public Works Department to use a precast approach for the development of its school infrastructure and this on all of structural elements: slabs, gantries, columns, beams, cross walls and walls.

The Marais state school, whose construction is based on the Barets precast system, is one of the projects resulting from this quick development movement. The volumes that host classrooms and sports halls are located on each side of a central linking corridor and come to delineate different covered playgrounds opening onto the surrounding green areas.