Imprimeries Reunies Lausannoises Tower (currently Edipresse Tower)


Jean-Marc Lamunière et Pierre Bussat
1960 - 1964

The IRL tower is a notable example of the vertical densification that developed briefly in Lausanne during the 1960s and aimed to mark the city's landscape with an impressive and modern image.

The Imprimeries Réunies Lausannoises (united printing companies of Lausanne), which published the newspaper Feuille d’Avis de Lausanne (today 24 Heures) and Tribune de Lausanne (Le Matin), decided in the late 1950s to have a new administrative building.

The young architect Jean-Marc Lamunière, 31 years old at the time of the competition, is awarded, with his partner Pierre Bussat, the first prize of the competition by invitation.

The IRL tower is a tribute to the minimal style, "less is more", of the German-American architect Mies Van der Rohe. Many characteristics of this architectural movement are reflected in this building :

  • set back from the road
  • high ceilings on the ground floor
  • predominately glass facade
  • protruding metal framework to highlight the vertical lines
  • topped by a vertically extended floor

In 1998, this building underwent a large-scale renovation developed by the architect Philippe Gross and globally approved, against all odds, by Jean-Marc Lamunière.