La Golette State School


République et canton de Genève
Claude Grosgurin, Edmond Guex, Gerdhard Kirchhoff
1966 - 1967

In the middle of the baby boom period in the 1960s, the Canton of Geneva plans the development of its state school infrastructure and seeks fast and economical solutions. Thus it is necessary to consider an execution system making it possible to rationalise the constructions and it is the architect Claude Grosgurin and the civil engineers Edouard Bourquin and Georges Stencek, founders of our office, who then develop a standardised construction method which resorts to the precast system called Barets.

La Golette state school originates from this construction system and is therefore quite similar to other state schools built in the same period. Its plan includes a low linking element around which are distributed sports halls and classroom buildings. This simple layout system mirrors the simplicity of the structural realisation. Indeed, the structural elements are entirely precast and the facade panels are assembled to the slabs and the load-bearing walls, in a linear progression following the progression of the crane along the building.