UNOG - The United Nations Office at Geneva

E building construction

UNOG - The United Nations Office at Geneva
Eugène Beaudoin (architecte en chef)
avec François Bouvier, André Gaillard et Arthur Lozeron
1968 - 1973

This project involves the construction of a large building containing administrative premises and conference rooms, such as the famous Room XX and its dome, 44 metres in diameter, now enriched with a significant art work by the Spanish artist Miquel Barcelò.

The construction of this E Wing, planned in the expansion programme of the Palais des Nations, began in January 1968 and the foundation stone-laying ceremony was carried out in the presence of Their Excellencies U Thant, UN Secretary-General, and Willy Spühler, President of the Swiss Confederation.

The part of the building containing the office premises consists of 9 floors, plus a roof top unit for the air conditioning, while the part containing the conference rooms consists of 4 floors.

The length of the facade on the Lake Geneva side is 106 metres and the one on the Jura side is 157 metres. The total volume, including a footbridge linking the Palais des Nations with the E Wing, two-level tunnel and an underground car park amounts to 380,000 m3, which represents about 85% of the volume of the old buildings.

For the construction of this new wing, approximately 60,000 mof earthwork excavated materials were removed. The building infrastructure is made of reinforced concrete and rests on a molasses layer. The superstructure and the footbridge linking the old and new buildings are made of metal framework. For the facades, the use of stone, more precisely of travertine (limestone rock), was finally chosen to create a certain unity with the existing buildings.