Lancy Towers


SI La Prairie A-B, Broillet SA
Jean-Marc Lamunière, Georges van Bogaert
Lancy (GE)
1962 - 1964

The Lancy towers, by the architects Jean-Marc Lamunière and Georges van Bogaert, are a perfect example of the precast concept that the founders of our office, Edouard Bourquin and Georges Stencek, actively helped to evolve.

Once built the two towers should have formed part of a group of five towers, but unfortunately the other three towers planned in the initial project were abandoned in favour of more banal buildings.

The towers include 13 apartment floors above ground floor. The central core as well as an external ring made of elements moulded in a factory support the precast and modulated slabs.

The facades are made of wood and the balcony balustrades of steel and reinforced glass. Canvas awnings outside the balconies act as brise-soleil and add a touch of colour to these towers.