Vessy Factory

Construction of a Groundwater Station refilling system

République et canton de Genève
F. Mentha
Vessy (GE)
1977 - 1978

In Geneva the distribution of drinking water comes from two pumping stations that draw water directly from Lake Geneva as well as from fifteen wells that collect the water located in the cross-border phreatic table of the “Genevois” area (5 wells in France and 10 wells in Canton of Geneva).

In the 1970s, as the level of the phreatic table was getting dangerously low, the construction of this station at the Vessy factory was considered necessary to restore a phreatic table level which was sufficient enough to consider an increase of the water withdrawal.

First drawn from the Arve river, the water is treated in a filtration station. It is then re-injected directly into the phreatic table through a network of 5,000 ml of horizontal drains located at a depth of 2 metres. This facility, designed to drain 50,000 m3/day, is unique in Switzerland.