Pommier School

Communal public facilities construction

Commune du Grand-Saconnex
AUA - Architectes et Urbanistes Associées Sàrl
Grand-Saconnex (GE)
2002 - 2005
SIA 142 interdisciplinary competition, winner project

This site assigned to public-interest area includes a school complex (100 x 16 m), an annexe (50 x 16 m), a sports centre (64 x 45 m) and an underground car park of 2 levels (130 spaces).

First SIA award
Our office in the capacity of civil engineers was part of the pool who was awarded the first prize and first place in the SIA 142 competition. The jury unanimously recommended to the client the use of our pool for the study and realisation phases. 

A natural stone forecourt of 2,450 m2, made up of a Chinese quartzite stone, 8 cm thick, as well as the laying of precast elements (benches, terraces, fountain) will shape the entire project.