Cressy Plus

Construction of a building intended
primarily for elderly people

Commune de Confignon
VVR Architectes SA
Confignon (GE)
2010 - 2013
Interdisciplinary competition by invitation, winner project

As part of the extension and revitalisation of the neighbourhood of Cressy, the communes of Bernex and Confignon wanted the construction of a neighbourhood house on the theme of community premises with an intergenerational exchange goal. The Cressy Plus project plans the construction of flats for independent elderly people as well as community and commercial spaces.

Low costs
A rational and careful use of the materials allowed to minimise the project costs by maximising the use of repetitive elements through the prefabrication of the stairs and balcony elements.

Minergie label
This building is given the 2010 Minergie label for its low energy consumption due to reduced thermal losses thanks to the quality of its outside insulating envelope and the elimination of any cold bridging.

The environmental department of our office was also in charge of the "before works" asbestos diagnosis for the to-be-demolished old buildings as well as waste and water management during the entire project.