Eco-Neighbourhood of Les Vergers

Public facilities construction

Commune de Meyrin
Sylla Widmann Architectes
2014 - 2018
SIA 142 interdisciplinary competition, winner project

Construction of 3 public buildings (primary school, extracurricular premises, sports centre) as well as a specialised school within an eco-neighbourhood including almost 1,000 new flats.

Minergie-Eco Label
During the construction phase, steps have been taken in order to respect the Eco-Minergie label requirements, such as implementation of a soil protection concept, use of work machines respecting particulate emission criteria, rational use of the drinking water onsite, etc.

The materials chosen for the entire bearing structure are reinforced concrete, cross-laminated timber as well as occasionally metal. This choice aims to use in a rational manner the global performances of the materials in order to meet in a relevant and well-balanced way the architectural, structural, environmental and economical constraints of the project.

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