Nash Cointrin SA Hotel

Construction of a hotel in a dense urban context

Nash Cointrin SA
46°2 Latitude Architectes
2014 - 2019
General contractor
Groupe Grisoni
Photos 1 to 3
Adrien Barakat
Photos 4 to 8
B+S ingénieurs conseils SA

500 meters from Geneva International Airport, this project plans the construction of a new 4-star-plus hotel with 8 floors above ground floor.

main characteristics
The project includes in total :

  • 139 rooms and 2 apartments;
  • 1'000 m2 of basements.

One of the major project stakes is to construct all the above ground parts in precast elements: pre-slabs, pre-walls and pre-parapets, in order to honour a particularly tight schedule; the works, which began in April 2017, plan the construction of a complete floor of 800 m2every 9 days.

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