JTI - Japan Tobacco International

Worldwide administrative headquarters construction

JTI Japan Tobacco International
2012 - 2015
Architect (headquarters)
SOM Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
Architect (kindergarten)

This new world headquarters is located in the developing neighbourhood of Sécheron. It consists of a 10-floor administrative building with around 25,000 m2 of overground area as well as 2 underground levels.

Architectural characteristics
The building is characterised by a triangular shape (plan view) and is marked out particularly by its cantilevered point where the last 7 levels are suspended and by an inner courtyard accessible on both sides reaching a width of 80 metres at the widest point, without intermediate support.

Our office who was in charge, among other things, of earthwork paid particular attention to excavation shoring, underground networks and special foundations as this project is located in a sensitive area (train lines, international organisations).

General coordination
Our office has also been in charge of the general coordination of the works, liaising with many neighbouring owners (Ville et Etat de Genève, Fondation des Parkings, CFF, OMC, OMM, etc.). We also have had to guarantee access to various public areas and car parks throughout the works.

Spread over an area of 6,000 m2, the landscaping consisted of the design of about 40 garden planters, all different from each other, and of 3 berms for greenery.

Site decontamination
Our environmental department was in charge of the soil remediation during the earthwork and had to deal with hydrocarbons presence, accidental oil spill, buried polluted concrete elements as well as asbestos problems.