La Chapelle 2nd step - Buildings L, N, P, R
and underground parking P2

Residential buildings construction,
neighbourhood planning

FPLM et Fondation Berthe Bonna-Rapin
LRS architectes
Lancy (GE)
2015 - 2018
n° 1 and n° 2 : Thomas Sponti

Second stage of the La Chapelle project including the construction of 4 buildings and 1 underground car park: reinforced concrete structure, precast sandwich facades, all resting on a general slab.

Car park
It was decided that this car park, planned over two levels and with a length of 180 metres, is going to be linked with the one of the first stage, thus allowing traffic between the two sectors. Because the first car park was not designed for balancing a dissymmetrical pressure of the land, it was necessary to construct a temporary shored Berlin-type wall.

This project is located on a plot called La Chapelle - Les Sciers where there are going to be built eventually around 1,300 flats, shops, a school, a nursery and offices. Our company was previously engaged on the first stage on this site.