Les Sablieres

Industrial and logistic building construction

Société Immobilière,1 Rue des Sablières SA
VVR Architectes SA
Satigny (GE)
2014 - 2017
Interdisciplinary competition by invitation, winner project
Photos 1 to 4
Adrien Barakat
Photos 5 to 16
B+S ingénieurs conseils SA

The project, originating from an interdisciplinary competition, plans the reconstruction in an industrial area of an industrial and logistic complex of 5 floors in total (underground + ground floor + 3 levels), keeping the loadbearing underground structure of a building destroyed by fire.

Architectural volumes
The work is characterised by its slanted volumes providing daylight exposure at all floor levels. The building includes an 1,000 m2 extension and the area by floor reaches 4,000 m2

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