National Museum of Qatar

Landscaping construction

Qatar Museums Authority (Doha, Qatar)
Ateliers Jean Nouvel
EMA architectes associés sa
2015 - 2018
Comptoir des paysages (Alger)
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Adrien Barakat

As part of its tourism development ambition, the Qatari government has launched the construction of a museum hub located on the city of Doha cliff and including the Fariq Al-Salatah Palace (with its caravanserai from 1901). The purpose of the Qatar National Museum extension is to present, highlight and disseminate Qatari culture combining the past, present and future under the same roof. The architectural complex blends various elements with rounded roofs in the shape of desert roses.

Correlated with the building, the landscaping concept gathers the local environment reference (sand dunes, local species greenery) with a modern comfort of a high quality. The park covers an area of 15 hectares.

Landscaping studies having been completely redesigned in 2014, the bill of specifications of our office concerned the sizing of new load bearing structures (kiosks for the public reception, perimeter walls equipped with giant LED screens, buried children's playground in the shape of caves, etc.) as well as the reorganisation of the civil engineering implementation plans of the park (networks, floorings) based on the new landscape plan. In addition, we collaborated on the definition of technical specifications for new layouts.

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