UNOG - The United Nations Office at Geneva

Full renovation of the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room (former Room XX) with ceiling sculpture

Mission d'Espagne
Fondation ONUART
Esteva i Esteva Arquitectura
ASDZ Architecture SA
2007 - 2008
Miquel Barcelò
Photos n° 1 - 3
ONUART - Agusti y Antonia Torres

Full renovation of Room XX of the Palais des Nations in Geneva with inclusion of a significant art work in the ceiling. Since then, this room has officially been renamed the " Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room ". This room has 754 seats equipped with the latest technology and the United Nations Human Rights Council usually hosts its meetings there.

In the seventies, our office had already taken part in the construction of the E building and the Conference Room and it is quite natural that it was again appointed to carry out this substantial transformation.


  • Expertise of the existing dome
  • Preliminary design of technical and financial feasibility
  • Study of materials with the artist
  • Creation of a general planning company by associating competent offices
  • Preparation of tender documents, control and work execution management
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