Footbridge for an international organisation

Studies and construction in 6 months

An international organisation in Geneva
Berrel Berrel Kräutler AG
Project management
Tekhne SA
Construction enterprise
Zwahlen & Mayr SA

In anticipation of a new building construction on its site, an international organisation has decided to construct a footbridge linking the A and L buildings, thus allowing to keep a direct connection between these two existing sites.

The footbridge is composed of two straight sections, forming between them an angle of 119°, and has the following dimensions:

  • Overall length: 91.1 m
  • Width at the axis of the supporting structure: 2.42 m
  • Height at the axis of the supporting structure: 3.00 m

The load bearing structure of the footbridge is composed of two V shaped lattice girders made with H shaped metal sections welded in a workshop. 

The access to the footbridge is from the 1st floor of the main building (A) and the 2nd floor of the L building.

site specific requirements
All the works that included too high a level of olfactory, sound or physical pollution had to be carried out outside normal office working hours. Moreover, in order not to limit access to the site, neither equipment nor work installations must block the area between the assembly phases.

Following the requirements of the client, this project had to be completed in a record time of six months, including study and full construction.