Motorway gyratory and junction construction

Etat de Genève
Perly-Certoux (GE)
1988 - 1993

Study and realisation of a major motorway gyratory which required complex studies related to the integration of the project in the Geneva countryside.

Major project
Thanks to the numerous studies necessary for the realisation of this project, our office was able to confirm and acquire a wide experience in the domains of roads and major project integration in the Geneva urban network.

Main characteristics

  • Study of 26 variants in order to meet the requirements of all site stakeholders, both from a technical point of view and local and political aspects
  • On a same site superposition of a motorway gyratory and a junction 
  • Least impact on agricultural land
  • Modelling by integrating landscape or by adding greenery
  • Construction of walls impacting the least on agricultural land and contributing to noise protection
  • Use of stabilised and recycled dregs for pavements and embankments (backfills)
  • Protecting the phreatic table by sealing the benches and by extending the asphalt pavement
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