Assessment of engineering environmental impact – 1st and 2nd steps - Neighbourhood planning 29,473

2005 - ongoing
1st step
2005 - 2006
2nd step
2010 - 2013
Environmental monitoring during construction
2013 - ongoing

The neighbourhood planning PLQ 29,473 located on the territory of the communes of Onex and Lancy plans the construction of residential and commercial buildings as well as a communal underground car park for the entire area. The car park including more than 300 spaces has been the subject of an environmental impact assessment (EIE), 1st and 2nd steps. The project is going to be developed in stages, by several purchasers, which makes the project development more complex.

Our office has prepared the 1st step environmental impact assessment report as well as the 2nd step environmental compliance reports for the submission of different building permits.
We also provided coordination services between the various purchasers, the communes and the State of Geneva, in order to obtain the building permits.
Moreover, the various purchasers have mandated our office for the environmental monitoring during construction (SER). This monitoring concerns the different environmental components mentioned in the impact assessment reports. During this monitoring, a problem of topsoil pollution has been revealed.

Project status
Currently 6 buildings are under construction.