Geneva Cantonal Roads

Traffic noise management in accordance with « OPB » (noise protection order)

Etat de Genève
2004 - ongoing

The Noise Protection Order obliges the owner of noisy facilities (for instance: the road owners, SBB rail network, aircraft, etc.) to protect the neighbourhood from noise.

Within the scope of the Noise Protection Order (OPB) the state of Geneva has appointed the multidisciplinary group DECIBEL'S for the realisation of traffic noise management projects for a number of cantonal roads. Our office, pilot of this group, is in charge of the environmental part as well as the structural and civil engineering parts.

A modelling of the noise pollution is established in the long term and noise management measures are proposed. These measures consist of changing the existing road coatings and replacing them with LNA type sound absorption coatings, imagining traffic curbing measures, designing soundproof walls or also soundproofing the building windows affected by noise pollution.